sitrep12: If you can’t break them, hack ’em!

993ab659066555.5a153c01349c5In my previous post I wrote about considering a Humanistic approach to designing chairs. Viewing the ‘Squatty Potty’ in this light, I reckon that it ‘Humanises’ the European Water Closet. In is, in a way, an Instrument of Humanisation.

I present to you some tangible outcomes of this project so far. These are ‘Instruments of Humanisation’ for chairs. These are products that alter conventional chairs to suit human preferences of posture. Some of them work independent of chairs as well.

#1 Model T

just T

#2 Model P

This design is meant to make squatting possible for the portion of the human population that has forgotten how to. For those who can still squat, it makes it easier.

#3 Model S

We have seen furniture that helps one sit. What about furniture that helps you stand. This yet-to-be-refined product is an alternative way to do a variety of everyday activities that we usually do seated.


#4 Model I

For when you want to only half-sit on an ordinary chair. The angle of inclination is adjustable according to preference.

#5 Model H

More options for your legs.


RAVI SMOL07594559066555.5a14f34c90c8a

DSC_2150 smol

IMG_5770 smol


IMG_5841 smolIMG_5826 smol

1 thought on “sitrep12: If you can’t break them, hack ’em!”

  1. This is the post I have been waiting for!

    You must promote at least this one in all platforms and try to get featured. This content needs to be seen, discussed, debated, appreciated and critiqued bu as many people as possible!! People must ask questions and you ought to encourage them to do so.



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